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I opened a new site:

I still work on it, so it is not complete. And maybe I will transfer some of the old (locked and not public) files there as well. But only if people there contribute!!! So use the new forum, leave comments in the gallery, share your storys and pictures and drawings and videos. Only then will I keep the new site active.

If people lurk at the new site and never participate, I will close the new site too, just like the old ones!

My fetish: Birth - Childbirth - Labor and Delivery

First of all: Sorry, my English is not very good. (If you mail me, you can send English or German mails.) So please forgive me for all mistakes and my clumsy language!

Plus a WARNING: This is a fetish site. All the stuff you see in here is not real. This is not an information site about birth!!! The stories and pictures here do NOT describe what a real birth might be like. It's just a product of fantasy! This site doesn't mention pain killers, shows no pictures of modern, comfortable delivery rooms. This site even describes procedures that would or could never be done in reality. On this site, contrary to the reality, no painkillers, anastesia or other things are used, no c-section is done. So if you are looking for information about birth, THIS IS THE WRONG PLACE! And maybe if you are giving birth soon, you should better leave... So when reading this page always bear in mind: Everything is just a product of imagination, all this is just a fetish, not reality, no actual an reality-like medical information!!!

And another sorry: This site is not meant to look good (this is the first website I ever made), so you will find nothing else but text and pictures. No layout, no backgrounds, nothing.

But I hope you enjoy the pictures, and if you share the same fetish, just contact me!

Also I am a bit disappointed because noone participates in this site. Use the forum for discussions or the guestbook if you want to leave a comment. The more ideas you give me, the more material will be here on the page!

Yahoo has deactivated my account and my email address (the one above and everywhere on all these pages). So I can not get my email, I can not lock into my account, and I can not get into the groups where I was a member. And I can not read my emails!!! So if you have send me an email to, please send it again to my new email address. You can find it on the contact page.

And also everybody on my Yahoo messenger, could you please resend me your ID's? I lost EVERYTHING! I don't know how to contact you, I lost all the old emails, your Yahoo ID's - everything!

And also please send me links to Yahoo birth groups (the ones that do still exist) because I lost them too. I do not even have the links!

Thank you for your help.


If you want to know more about me, see my profile on Yahoo:  My profile on Yahoo! (deleted by Yahoo)

Also I am always looking for new material - pics, stories, videos... whatever you have! So if you have anything to share, I would be happy! Especially I need sounds. Look here to see what I need. Everybody who sends me nice sounds I do not have yet will get access to my second (secret) site and maybe even to my third site, the best one so far. Especially I need sounds! Click here to see what I need.

If you want to share my fetish: I am on Yahoo Messenger, so IM me. I love to roleplay births!

See the pages below to know what I like. I would love to roleplay all these procedures, and even more. Our roleplays don't necessarily need to be realistic. Just come on, be my doctor, and deliver my baby! The pics might give you some ideas of procedures you can do to me, but maybe you have even more ideas? You can also send me your ideas, as texts or as pictures or both, and I will put them on the page.

To know more about my fetish, just look at these pages. Here you will find pictures, some thoughts, even some small "birth stories in pictures".

Picture Pages

the birth team & their instruments

A tour through the delivery room

Picture Page 1

Picture Page 2 - Scenes from the delivery room

Picture Page 3 - Last night in the delivery room

Picture Page 4 - Some ideas for a roleplay?

Picture Page 5 - Pictures and thoughts   

black & white pic story

The history of birth    

The history of birth - some more    

Picture Page 6 - a series: Pictures and sounds: Didi shows Anne the delivery ward    

more in part 2 of this page...

Please note: These stories were not written by me (my English is not good enough, so if you have any stories to contribute, I would be happy). Most of them I found somewhere on the internet, sometimes I altered the story a bit or left out things that are not birth-related.
If you find a story that is copyrighted, please mail me and I will take if of the site.
Also the pictures are in no way related to the stories.
Story 1 - Kathy (with pictures)

Story 2 - Shawna on the delivery table (with pictures and sounds)   

more to come in part 2 of this page...


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